Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Them I See Jesus

I see Him in the pureness of their skin.
So soft and beautiful.
Gentle to the touch, with a scent I want to inhale.

In their eyes.
So bright and full of joy.
A glimpse into their little souls.

In the way they love, especially the way they love one another.
Joy is what their love is.
It's full of giggles, grins, hugs and kisses.
It's full of hand holding and playing together.
This love, I never tire of it and I never will.

I see Him in the way they trust.
Easily they come into your arms for comfort,
Knowing they will find it there.
Easily they forgive in an instant never bringing up the wrong again.

I see Him in all they do, all they are.
They are the little children, my children,
Who show me more of who I should be, more of Jesus.


  1. Beautiful post! I am a cry baby, made me tear up! Its a wonderful thing when you see Jesus in your kiddies, I have 6 - 5 boys ages 15, twins 13, 9, 6 and baby girl 2, I see Jesus in them everyday, its how they see me and my hubbie interact, laugh, dance, praise the Lord, sing I can keep going! Beautiful post! You have adorable children!

  2. Oh. my. heart. I love this so much!


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