Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pieces of him

Motherhood is tough. It is serious business. 
I feel like it's even more tough when your little ones are boys 
(maybe I'll think differently when Maeva is his age).

Braden is ear piercing loud.
He loves to run through the apartment screaming.
Back and forth, back and forth he runs, shrieking at the top of his lungs.
It causes my heart to beat fast and my ears literally hurt.

He's fearless.
He sees no reason he shouldn't jump off the top of the couch,
climb on top of the counter, 
walk into the middle of the street, 
climb out of the tub on his own. 
There's no reason... giving Mom a heart attack definitely isn't a good enough reason! 

He is stubborn determined. Oh so determined.
You're not going to give me more junk food mom? I'm gonna yell about it.
Or better yet, I'll just get it myself even though I know I'm not suppose to climb that high.
Always, always determined about food!
If we want him to say a word, he'll just shake his head no, but he's getting better at that.
His favorite word is, "No, no, no!"
If you want him to do something or not to do something, it's probably going to be the opposite. 
He has to want to do things all by himself!
Could drive a parent loopy, I tell ya! 

He's energetic. Always ready to run, yell, and play. 
Just last Friday I took him to a little monkey business and even after 2 hours he was still going... 
I can't believe how much energy this little one can have!
How about you give me so of that, little boy?
Momma needs some! 

There's so much about having a boy (or children in general) that can be so hard. 
Somedays (okay, most days) I feel so completely worn out in every possible way.
But there are great things about this kid, great moments. 

I absolutely love how much he loves his sister. Giggling when he sees her and hugging her.
He gives the best hugs and as he is giving one he says, "Awww..." It's the cutest, sweetest thing. 
He's so lovable and kind that way. 

I love seeing him learn new things, things I didn't realize he even knew. 
Just last night he said the word desk. Had no idea he knew that word. 
He's picking up on so many things, which isn't always a good thing! ;)

He's so forgiving. Way more than I am. 
He's the first to hug me when I've gotten upset with him. 
The first to kiss me. 
Makes my heart melt. 

There's so much to this little boy, so much inside him.
We struggle a lot, battle a lot, but he's a special little boy and I love every piece of him! 


  1. love this. it's all so very true. and, i can tell you that girls (in general) are easier than boys. in my experience they are anyway. brookelyn was SOOO much easier than cohen. us boy mamas would be so rich if only we could bottle all of that energy ha?

  2. He is adorable.
    I'm a little nervous to have a toddler BOY....Jane is crazy as it is!
    When I come to KC, maybe we can get together??

  3. Aw yet again, another fun post that will be great to read when he's older and you're worrying about grades in school instead of jumping of the couch!


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