Friday, March 22, 2013

As a blogger... + favorite reads

I have lots of different things swirling around in my head when it comes to blogging lately.
A few promises I've made to myself, more than anything. 

One promise I've made is to always be kind. I know some of you are blogging thinking, "Obviously..."
But guess what? That definitely isn't how everyone is.
Just pain breaks my heart. 
I've seen so much negativity and flat out mean posts + comments. 
I don't ever want to be that type of blogger or person. That's not who I am. 
If I don't agree with or don't like something I will be kind and respectful.
I will not be mean because that does no good only hurt.
And I don't want to hurt.

My second promise (which is way less serious) is to leave a comment on every blog post I read. 
I want to do this because...
I want other bloggers to know I'm reading their words.
I'm not just scrolling through. 
I want them to know that I appreciate them as bloggers. 
Plus, I know how it feels when I've written a post and no one comments, but I know it's been read. Honestly, I feel kind of lame and like I said/did something wrong. 
Maybe that seems like a silly reason, but I appreciate my readers taking the time to comment. 
It does take time, but it's time worth taking! 

Now, onto posts I've read this week and loved! 
I'm so happy that I decided to dedicate Fridays to sharing my favorite reads.
I've been a blog reading machine this week and I really enjoy it! 
Almost all of these posts somehow involved motherhood. 
Apparently, I just needed to be uplifted this week in that area! Enjoy! 

I am a mom plus - This post by by NapTime Diaries brought something to the surface of my heart. I am more than a mom, even if I'm not sure what I am more of.

To parents of small children  - This is just one of those posts that parents need to read. Definitely one that had me nodding and laughing because it's just so true.

Am I thin enough? - This post made me want to cry because this is where I am. Not feeling thin enough and wondering if I ever will. But here there is truth and kind words spoken.

Become unstuck - I enjoyed this post because it's practical. As mom's we have to take care of ourselves inorder to take care of our children. Here are a few tips on how.

Last Tuesday - Be sure to read this post by Grace from Camp Patton. I laughed multiple times! So funny, this woman!

Breakthroughs - I love how Gina writes. It just flows and fills my soul. It's truth and beauty. I loved this post because of that... she writes about how relationships change, how they aren't always going to be the way we think they should, or how we want them to be. Just read it.

What it means to be a mom for the first time - I love, love, love this guest post over at Gussy Sews by Arianne. Really, there isn't much I can say about it. Her words are just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

On the current state of things - You guys really want to go check out this blog! Her writing is real and true to herself. I loved this post (and many more) because I could relate to it. It's about blogging and doing it for herself. It's just a wonderful post!

A toddler activity - Love this activity to do with toddlers from Sunny with A Chance of Sprinkles! So funny and easy! We like both those things over here!

Lately - This post by one of my blogging friends was refreshing to read! It was positive and that is what I loved about it!

I could have posted more, but decided 10 was enough! 

Do you have any favorite posts from this week? 
Do share! 


  1. I really love that you do this every Friday as well! Very cool, and lets me see some bloggers I don't know about!
    BTW- love your promises! I ALWAYS try to leave a comment on a blog I read that has zero to 1 comments. My heart hurts for those who write their heart out, and then no one comments. I think because, like you said, I know my own vulnerability when I see how many views I have, then no one comments.

  2. Mirroring your effort to comment on every post you read, I love that you continually push yourself to be better and that you shared these great blogs. :-) Love you!

  3. Did my post got through? Either way, I'm glad you share these posts and your heart. :-)

  4. I love comments too and it really doesn't take long to do it...i want to comment more :)

  5. You are so sweet! I'm so glad you loved my post! I REALLY need to be better about your second promise. I am constantly reading blogs (yours for example) from either twitter or bloglovin' from my iPhone and for whatever reason I can't comment on blogs from my phone? It's so irritating, and I need to figure out a solution! So, I'm so so sorry I've been terrible at commenting I am reading your words, I promise!

  6. Those are great promises! I think it would be a good idea if I also decided to comment on everything I read. I love reading posts and just sometimes don't leave a comment.. Just because I guess, I don't really know why :)
    I really wanna go read some of the posts you loved too!!

  7. I love that you leave links to good posts to read! One day when I have time, I will have to check these out! :D


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