Monday, March 25, 2013

Braden Stats

I do monthly updates on Maeva which I love.
I know years down the road I'll love looking back and seeing her growth.
I feel super guilty, however, that I haven't been doing this with Braden.
He grows and changes to! He is becoming quite the little comedian.
Today, I just want to write about his growth and the little boy he is becoming!
I need to do this more because I want to remember seeing him change as well.
I won't be offended (totally ha) if you don't read this because this is more for me than anyone else! ;)

Things Braden Loves
Cars and airplanes
Watching airplanes with daddy on youtube.
Being outside (he'd live out there if we let him)
Watching Tow Maters Tall Tales. Really, he's obsessed.
Eating. Mostly junk food. Oreos. M&Ms. Anything chocolate.
His sister. He giggles he's so happy sometimes.
Talking on the phone.

Things Braden Doesn't Like
Nap-time or Bedtime. Usually this involves lots of screaming.
The word "no". This usually causes him to throw himself on the floor.
The vacuum cleaner. If I ask him if he wants me to vacuum, he will shake his head and say no.
If I turn the vacuum on he will scream and run to his room.

His Favorite Books
Anything Dr. Suess.
He especially loves Hop on Pop.
I love Dr. Suess for him because he easily picks up on the words.

Things Braden is Learning
His letters! 
He knows so many of them so well! He can easily repeat them.
He even points to them on his play mat and brings his letter magnets to you, saying what they are!
Some of his numbers. 
He will say 1 & 2. Usually that's where it ends even though he can say others.
He gets stuck on 2. Maybe because that's how old he is!
So many words! 
He can say: sleep, clock, what, on, in, out, yes, drink, food, hop, pop, eyes, too, toes, sis, dad, mom, aunt Lauren, shoes, car, truck, duck, let's go, light, sit, I, have, poop, thank you, ball and more!
I was a bit worried about him talking because he wasn't talking a ton, but it's getting better.
I even heard him say, "I have a ball" the other day!
I realized that he does put words together, but they at times are slurred!

Things I enjoy doing with Braden
Seeing him learn new things.
Taking him outside.
Reading with him.
Taking him places, which I don't do often enough.
Kissing and hugging him.
Lots more!

I know there's so much I could write about him. So much that I'm not even sure I can remember it.
He's a funny kid, always doing things to make us smile and laugh.
If he knows we're going to laugh at something he will do it over and over. I love that!
That's it, for now, I guess, but I'm going to try to do updates on him more often!


  1. Thanks for sharing - we love to hear about your cute little guy!

  2. He is such handsome little guy! I know he keeps you on your toes!

  3. Thanks for the update :) Im so glad he's learning well and getting more verbal!


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