Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day (mug swap)

Happy Valentines Day! I'm not sure how I feel about this day because I think love is something that should be shown the ones you love everyday, but it is a good reason to get chocolate and flowers! I guess I can't deny the fun in that because I am a girl who loves chocolate! ;) It's also a fun excuse for a photo shoot, which I tried to involve both my kids in, but as you'll see later in this post, it just wasn't happening with my two year old boy!
Now, to share what I got from my wonderful mug swap partner Julie. I was super excited to get her as my partner because I've been reading her blog for a bit now and chatting with her on twitter as well! If you don't know her, make sure to check out her blog! She writes about motherhood plus so much more! Onto the goodies she sent me! 

A classy mug + a ton of chocolate + a target gift card. What girl wouldn't be happy?
Not pictured in the heart reeses I had already consumed...
And as you can see some of the snickers are gone as well! =)

I apologize for the not so great pictures, but as you can see little many was checking it out...
And then grabbing! 
What can I say? He loves chocolate. Probably more than me! 
Good thing there weren't any m&ms because I wouldn't have gotten a single one of those! 
I put the chocolate in my dresser, having no intention of sharing, but I decided to be a nice mom. Probably too nice. This kid gets too much chocolate! 

Thanks so much for everything Julie! The chocolate is almost gone by the way! =)

 ^^^What happens when I try to get the two year old to cooperate for a photo shoot^^^
And yes, she has lipstick on. She was suppose to have kissed her brother.
He appreciate it, obviously! ;)

Have a great day! Hope it is filled with lots of love and chocolate! 


  1. I am so glad you loved it! I had SO much fun picking everything out! And those photos are SO so cute!

    1. I did love everything and so did everyone else in this house! We all like chocolate!

      Thank you! =)

  2. How cute are your photos of little miss though!?! Even if mister was grouchy. ;)

    1. She's pretty cute and compliant, for now! =)
      Hopefully he'll sit still again one day so I can get cute pictures of him too because he's cute..when he's not grouchy! =)

  3. Your kiddos are so adorable! Enjoy your chocolate :)

  4. what a cutie she is!! and you got sooo many sweets!!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. oh my word, SO CUTE!!!! Thanks so much for participating in the swap!


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