Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Praying for a change of heart

I'm in need of a heart change, an attitude adjustment. 
I try to be a good wife, but so often I fall short. 
I'm negative, moody, naggy, and sometimes just plain mean. 
It's not fun for anyone. It's not uplifting or encouraging. 
It's weighing me down and hurting. 

I realize though, that I can't do this alone. 
I can't change my own heart or my own attitude, not by myself. 
Every time I try I fall short and then end up even more upset with myself.
I'm thankful for a husband who always forgives, but I want to do better.
So Lord, please come into my heart... draw near to me and help me draw near to you.
Change my heart and my attitude. 
Help me to be better with my actions and words.
Help me to love and pray more. 
To cling to and follow Your word more.
A whole lot more... 


  1. I understand this completely. I'll pray for you and hope that something changes in your heart and mind to make you want to be different. Sometimes it's hard to overcome all the obstacles and it's easier to give in to Satan but when you pull through and give it to God it's as if the weight is off your shoulders.

  2. a beautiful post. and so true. once we let go and let Him live in and through us He can work and He can shine. Praying for you :)


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