Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Six Months

Hello, I'm 6 months old today and mom is FREAKING out! 
I'm getting so big and doing new things all the time. 
Every time Mom gets super excited and starts smiling like a crazy person. 
I like it too though, doing new things, it's pretty fun. 
I really enjoy sitting up and playing with toys. 
My brother always brings me lots of his toys to play with. 
Sometimes its a bit overwhelming, but I'm thankful.
I really appreciate anything I can put in my mouth. 
The other day my brother even gave me his bagel (he's such a good sharer)!
Mom was surprised and grossed out by the soggy bread, but I enjoyed it. 
Until she took it away, at least.
Speaking of food, I'm eating baby food now. Twice a day. 
I like most of it, except peas. Please keep those away from me. 
If you don't I'll just spit them back out and cry. So gross!
I still love having mom's milk though. Sometimes I even want that right after baby food. 
It's just so good and comforting to be in mama's arms.
Lately, I've wanted that lots. I cry and cry, then she picks me up and all is right in my world.
I also like to just stare at daddy. I know he wonders what I'm thinking. 
Really, I just think he's handsome ;) and he makes me smile! 
Oh, did I mention that I'm sleeping through the night?
Things were rough there for a while, but I've got it figured out (for) now.
Sleep is great. Makes me feel better and everyone else too! 
I sleep best in my pack'n play at night, but during nap time usually in Mom and Dad's bed, alone.
I need my space, ya know? Sometimes I even take naps unswaddled. Crazy, huh? 
But I must be swaddled at night. I just can't sleep otherwise. 
Did I mention that I'm teething and drooling a lot? 
Two of my teeth are trying to come in, but it just hasn't happened yet.
Mom says soon, but I also heard her say I have more teeth to come to come in. A whole mouth?
Are you kidding me? Makes me cranky just thinking about it! 
Oh, I also sat up in the tub by myself for the first time last night. 
I loved it and couldn't stop smiling! Loved the feel of the water and splashing! 
I think that's all I have to share about myself for now! There will be more later, promise!

Stay warm today! I'm going to do so by cuddling with mama!


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