Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun in the tub!

I had an activity I wanted to share on the blog for about two weeks,
But I was having some technical difficulties, so here it is now! 
Sometimes (most of the time really) I struggle in figuring out what to do with my two year old. 
I ask myself what can he do? what will he do? what can hold his attention for more than 5 seconds?
The answer came to me - balloons and the tub! 

^^^added towels because he kept on slipping^^^

If you can't tell, he throughly enjoyed this. There was a lot of squealing and balloons everywhere! 
My first thought was that he would pop them and there would be water everywhere. 
I was okay with that, it's what I had planned for, but he's two, so he doesn't throw hard enough,
Plus it's in the tub, so it just didn't work that way. Fine by me, less mess! =)

This lasted at least twenty minutes.
It was fun to see him enjoy something so much. 
The only issue is now he thinks its okay to throw EVERYTHING in the tub. 
Stuffed animals, books, his pillow...
And of course right after bath-time when I had forgotten to drain the tub!

I think this is a great activity for a toddler to have some fun and get some energy out. 
Maybe some mom's think I'm crazy because it could be a huge mess, 
But sometimes I don't care about that and just want my kiddo to have some fun! 


  1. what a great idea! i am going to try it on my 2-year-old. we have cabin fever like whoa!! thanks for posting :)

  2. This is such a fun idea! I'm totally trying it with Cohen soon.

  3. Love this idea! Unfortunately I think we'll have to wait until summer to play w/water balloons outside (we're in MN) since my kiddos are almost 6 and almost 5...I'm all for a mess so the kids can have some fun, but I'm worried the bathroom may become a flood zone ;-) Will totally pass this idea onto my sister-in-law who has a 20 month old boy!! Our nephew will love it!


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