Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Shout Out

I just wanted to write a post and thank a few bloggers. 
There have been a few moments lately that have been hard.
Moments where motherhood feels too dang hard,
Moments where I've been flat out down and depressed,
Moments where I have been discouraged in my faith,
Moments where I've needed to be uplifted. 
I feel like I have very few friends around me. 
I have my Bible study ladies who I am incredibly thankful for, 
But from day to day, I often turn to the blogging world. 
I've struggled with blogging lately, not feeling like I was apart of it,
But that's changed lately, thanks to some amazing people! 

I've gotten so many uplifting kind emails, tweets, comments on the blog, & posts on instagram. 
So many ladies have said they are thinking about me + praying for me.
So many ladies have left scripture for me. 
Seriously, I am so thankful for this! It helps me more than I can express!

A big thank you to these bloggers for uplifting me:  JessAmandaTriciaSamanthaKatieAlysonJennyJessicaAshley and Pamela. I could name many more bloggers for their kind and encouraging words!Your words whether they be sending me scripture or simply telling me that you are praying for me have meant so much to me and often helped me make it through the hard moments!

For those of you reading this post that don't know any of these women, check them out!


  1. You are to kind! I am just a vessel that God used to help someone, pray, give encouraging words! I know you would do the same for me! Be blessed!

  2. You are so sweet and deserve all of the praise and kind comments we've shared with you. I know all too well how hard motherhood can be and sometimes everyone needs a little pick me up! I hope you have a fabulous March! xoxo

  3. Oh sweet friend, you have been such an encouragement to me as well. I am SO thankful to have met you and now to be friends. I love that we can share our faults and also our joys and be there for each other. You have been more of a friend to me than some of my "real" friends. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much, Kassie! I have been praying for you and will continue to do so!


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