Monday, January 21, 2013

To Other Mamas

Being a mama is a lot of work.
More work than I've ever done in my life. Constant work.
While it's brought me the most joy in my life, it can also be so hard.
There are times of tears - whether its because my babies just won't stop crying or fit throwing,
Or because I had to discipline the toddler and it broke my heart,
Or because something simply scares me about raising children in this world.

There are times that when it is hard, I reach out on the internet.
It may be on facebook, or twitter, or even here on my blog. I write it out.
I don't do this to put down motherhood or my babies.
I don't do it to show how awful moments are.
My real reason is that I want to feel so not alone during the hard moments.
I want someone to relate to me. I want someone to tell me it's going to be okay!

Often, when I give a glimpse into the life of my two year old, I get negative responses.
I may say something like, "Braden just will not listen to me today!"
The responses I've gotten are:
"Oh, just wait until he is three!"
"Just to warn you three is much worse!"
I usually respond by saying something like, "That's not encouraging!"
Or I simply ignore it because it is not uplifting!

I do not find this to be a good thing whatsoever!
I find this very discouraging and harmful to me!
I'm here to tell you something mama, I'm not here to tell you that motherhood is rough.
We know this... it's not something new.

But I'm here to tell you to ignore those negative comments.
Ignore them because they have the potential to sit in your heart.
They have the potential to make you dread the moments, days, months, years to come!
I don't want that for myself or for any other mama!
Ignore them and know that, while some moments are rough, motherhood is a beautiful thing!
Know that everything will be okay.
You got this mama! You're children will be okay! You'll be okay!
Because motherhood was meant to be one of the most beautiful things...
And when it doesn't feel that way, or look that way, you've got the Lord to carry you through!


  1. Hi! Just stopping by from the Mom's Monday Mingle blog hop! New follower on your lovely blog, would love to have you stop by my blog sometime and follow back if you like.

    Melissa @

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by + following! =)
      I'll stop by your blog today!

  2. I see comments like that on FB statuses and what not from time to time. I always think, really?! That's all you have to say.... Glad to know someone that says it will be ok! :) Thanks from a future momma!

    1. Its so frustrating! I get that its hard and some ages are harder than others, but still...uplift, don't put down! That's what mama's need!

  3. Great post! We are all in the trenches of motherhood--at different ages and stages. And while it is SO tough, it is rewarding!

    1. Completely agree Julie! So worth it! Wouldn't change it for the world!


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