Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A boy, his dad, and their helicopter

We're sitting on the couch, looking at book, and then we hear it.
The keys in the door, the alarm going "beep, beep."
I see his face light up and he scurries off the couch.
His little feet carry him, as fast as they can to the stairs,
where he stops only because of the baby gate.
He curls his soft little hands around the top of the gate, stands on his toes, and peers over.
"Dad," he says in a high pitched voice. "Dad, Dad, Dad."

His dad comes around to the steps where Braden can see him.
Again he happily says, "Dad." and gets a "Hi Braden," along with a hug.
Sometimes he giggles in excitement.

Then, he turns to the bookshelf, looking high up, and pointing.
His voice changes then, it's deeper, and a "grrrrr," sound escapes his lips.
"Yes Braden, the helicopter. We'll fly it."
And they do and you can tell it's the best part of both their days.

Yesterday as I was reading blogs, I came across a post that has stuck with me.
It was a mom writing about her blog, how it's her way of catching memories.
That's what I want this blog to be more about.
The moments I want to recall, the moments I keep close to my heart.
I want to be able to look back and remember. I want my kids to be able to look back someday too.
There will be more memory writing because it's so important to capture them growing.

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  1. Love this one Kassie! Your postings are written from your heart :)


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