Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Jesus

Being a parent is hard. It's hard to constantly have to give so much of yourself.
To put away what you want and do what needs to be done for your children. 
There is no one that knows this better than You. 
For You, were the one who gave up Your son for all of Your children. 
That's a beautiful thing and that is what parenting is meant to be...beautiful. 
At it's core, it is the most beautiful thing, but at it's surface, not always.
At the surface there are such hard moments, frustrations. 
That's where I'm at right now, lacking so much in parenting. 
So, I'm coming to You Jesus because You're the only one who I can fully depend on.
You're the only one who knows my heart and knows what needs to change.
Change my heart, Oh Lord. 
Give me patience, love, understanding, kindness, grace... to give to my children. 
It is what they need. It is what I need. 
Fill me with those things Lord.


  1. I pray this on a daily basis! He's the best One to teach us how to be a parent...some days I just wish He'd become visible and take my hand and say "You're a good Mama. I'm right here. We'll do this together."

    1. I wish that too! Thanks for reading my blog friend and leaving comments! I appreciate it more than you know!


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