Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five Months

Hi! I'm 5 months old today! 
I'm so big aren't I? I weigh a little over 15 pounds. 
Mom and dad say I'm heavy and call me a chunk sometimes. 
I know it's all in good fun. They say its better to be chunky.
I'm a happy baby most of the time.
I like to smile and laugh.
And I need to always be able to see someone, whether it's mom, dad or bother...
I just need someone to look at!
I especially like to look at brother. He really makes me smile and laugh!
I really like it when she shares his toys with me. He likes to give me his cars.
I share my vanity with him.
Okay, not really...he takes it away from me and I cry.
Other things that upset me is being really sleepy,
people trying to make me sit up,
and being in the carseat (but I've mentioned this before, so we don't really need to talk about that)!
I still love being held though!
Most of the time I love my bouncy chairs. The one that hangs in the door is pretty fun.
I've been known to fall asleep in them a few times.
I've also been enjoying some new food - bananas and squash, but milk is still my fav.
I've been sleeping pretty well too. Mom loves that!
That's all for now! Later friends!


  1. Oh my word... she is all cuteness!!!

    1. Thank you! It was fun to do a mini photo shoot with her! =)


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