Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Months

Hi, I'm three months old today.
Mom and Dad keep on saying I'm just growing too fast. They can't believe it!
They say that I'm getting to big. What do they expect, me to stay little forever?
I'm doing so well at three months old.
I cry a lot less and smile a lot more.
I love to coo but my favorite thing is when mama tells me I'm a pretty girl!
I get the biggest smile on my face when she says that!
What girl doesn't like to be told she's pretty? ;)
Another thing I enjoy is laying on my playmat. I enjoy the toys, music, and flashing lights.
The other night I laid there for two hours having fun! I was cooing away and grabbing at the toys.
Mom and Dad kept on checking on me and I'd just smile. I was happy!
I also like to stand on my feet. Way better than laying down!
Speaking of that, I've been doing well with sleep.
I sleep through the night sometimes and recently I do let mama put me down a bit awake...
and then I fall asleep on my own! Mama really likes that!
She's told me she's proud of me and says something about Praising the Lord.
I don't really know what that means, but I'll learn someday I'm sure!
Right now I'm currently working on trying to roll over onto my belly, so I'll see you later!

Maevy (Mama's new nickname for me)


  1. This is so cute:) and she is so cute!

  2. AH! My best friend had her little girl August 20th as well!!! She was at my wedding and went into labor the next day :) so fun! She is beautiful. and reminds me so much of little Lily!


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