Monday, November 12, 2012

Less Of

This is one of those posts without a picture because that just takes more time.
I wrote this post the other day about my addiction to social media.
Its so hard to stay away from the internet, but I need to!
I got some great comments from women who could relate!
One lady even suggested we work on this together! Thanks Amelia! =)
So its, what I'm aiming for. To be on facebook, twitter, blogger, pinterest... less.
For two weeks I'm aiming to be on the computer 30 minutes a day.
As I've thought about only being on here for 30 minutes, that makes me a bit nervous.
Thirty minutes is not that much at all.
It feels like nothing and I haven't done well this morning.
So hard when you get all these notifications on your cell phone! Any way to change that?
I'm tired of being so addicted to the internet. It, so often, is a waste of time!
Yes, social media can be great, but so often I don't use it that way!
I just get on the computer to check something or just browse and its pretty pointless!
I don't want to waste time because the wasted time adds up and then I feel like I've wasted my days and that adds up to feeling like I'm wasting my life!
I don't want to live a wasted life! Life is much to important for that!
There's too much to do!
There's always kids to take care of and spend time with! There's always my husband to be with!
There's always something to clean and others things that I enjoy doing as well!
So my goal is to focus on those other things because living life in life is way more important than living life through the internet.
So, my goal is to be on here less... not hours and hours, which is what seems to happen!
Part of me think I cannot do this... its going to be too hard, I'm going to fail.
I'm trying super hard to not have that mind set and if I do mess up then I can just begin again!
While thirty minutes may not be much... especially if I need to get something done that will take longer, I'm going to try...or possibly give myself a bit more time, but not hours!
Giving myself grace!

What are your thoughts? Have you ever done something like this? What helped? What didn't? I go!


  1. I need to recommit to this as well.
    Whenever I do decide to do it, I try to use "internet time" as a reward for something - whether it is FIRST I spend time with God, or do laundry or whatever, it needs to be the thing I do AFTER the essentials get done.
    Justin nearly hates social media - so it becomes a fighting ground for us when I am on it too much, and I don't desire that at all!
    Another thing that helps, is making phone dates with friends instead of chatting through facebook or blogger or whatever. I can easily talk on the phone WHILE doing other things AND it is more personable than posting on someones wall.
    Thanks for posting about this - I really need to, like you said, begin again!

  2. Would it help you if you set a timer? 30 min IS a short time!! If you want it bad enough it'll happen :)

  3. How are you doing with this? It's so super hard for me because I work from home and I HAVE to be on a computer. So then I will open new tabs and go searching or posting blogs... I have decided to use my lunch hour to go outside, leave my phone inside and just spend some time studying my 'She Reads truth' plan and prayer journaling. It's the only resolution I think might work for now! Will be praying for you! :)

  4. This is so hard, especially for stay at home mamas. This really feels like one of my only outlets to the outside world. I am trying to really incorporate a system to cut my computer time down. I don't have a smart phone, and I've even had my husband take the computer cords to work with him!!! I am so determined not to let social media, the internet, and people I will never probably meet, take over valuable time with my children who I am shaping and supposed to be raising up to be men of God!!
    I'll pray for you about this Kassie, because it's so dear to my own heart. it's definitely one of those "gray" areas ya know? And it won't look the same for everyone. LOVE YOU!


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