Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My addiction

I have an addiction. 
It is one that takes away from things.
It takes away from the house being clean -- always dishes, always laundry to do.
It takes away from time with my kiddos, husband, and God. 
At times it makes me feel gross inside -- empty and worn out. 
This addiction, its the internet. 

Its become so easy to always be connected to the internet. 
Not only do I have my macbook, but I also have my kindle fire and cell phone. 
No matter what I'm doing, no matter where I am, I always have the internet at my finger tips. 
There's always a facebook status, tweet, or blog post to check out. 
There's always some new article to read or something to google. 
All of this...
My need to always be checking these social networking sites, has left me wanting to quit. 
Left me wanting to quite facebook, twitter, blogging. 

I love to blog, but sometimes I feel like it takes too much, for me. 
I find myself thinking in blog posts. 
"Oh, that'd be a good thing to write about."
"That'd be a good picture for a blog post."
Life shouldn't be lived in blog posts. It should be lived with my kids, husband, and God. 
I know this addiction is my fault. No one forces me to be involved in these things. 
The conclusion I've come to, 
through what I feel is conviction from God, 
is that something needs to change.
I haven't been blogging that much because...
Well, I haven't really had the time and also because of this conviction. 
Blogging is going to look different for me.
I'm not going to put pressure on myself to do it every day or even every week. 
Who cares if I lose followers. Its fun to gain them, but its not a reason to blog. 
So, I'm aiming, right this second to have more self control with this whole internet thing.
I want to be on the computer less and in my life more. 
Not only do I want to do this, I NEED to. 
It may mean not being on the computer some days at all (is that even possible?) ;)
Or just scheduling my time on the internet. 
I know this will be the best thing for me! 

Do you struggle with this? If so, what do you do about it? 


  1. I totally struggled with it when my second baby was born and I felt like most of the time when I nursed her she was looking at my chin instead of my face because my face was stuck in my phone... thats when I got off facebook and it's been almost two years.. I know exactly how you feel because there are some days where all I do is watch tv with my kids and play on the internet.. It kills me that Im making such a bad example out of myself... it's such a horrible temptation :(

  2. I really loved this post and your honesty. I too struggle with is especially because I only started blogging about a month ago. I find myself thinking the same things and other things like oh that would look cute on my blog..Thank you for sharing this, it was truly an encouragement. I found your blog because your testimony was on sippy cups and pearls and I love hearing others testimonies.:)

  3. Wow, I think you've taken the words right out of my head. I've been planning to write my last blog post for a while, and will (maybe) do it this weekend. Like you, I always have a potential blog post running through my mind, and rarely find the time to write it. I think I spend more time reading other's blogs, which I enjoy, so I'm going to put mine aside for a while. I have so many other things I enjoy; my children (ages 4 & 5), reading, sewing, photography, etc.

    I'm going to start by keeping the computer off (when it's on it's too easy to "just check something real quick") and set aside maybe 30 minutes a day to check emails, pay bills, balance the checkbook, etc., and that's it. I'll set a timer if I need to.

    Want to work together on this? Maybe we could take two weeks and have a daily internet 'time limit' set up, jot down some of the things we do that we may not have normally done (because we're on the internet) or even household chores that get done and out of the way quicker perhaps (?? that would be nice) and see how we feel about our progress after two weeks. Since I may not be on blogger for a while after this's my email if you're interested :-) aitonainen (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I know what you mean, it can be really hard to find that balance. I hope that you find it!


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