Friday, November 2, 2012


The way we do Halloween right now is pretty simple. 
We take the kids to their grandparents and that's pretty much it.
This year we stopped by a friends house too. 
Maybe it will be different next year. We shall see. 

It was fun to dress them up and take Braden to get some candy.
He was so excited about getting candy this year. 
Whenever he'd get some in his bucket, he'd take it out, hold it up to the person who gave it to him and say, "Oh, oh, oh!" 
It was hilarious and I wish I'd caught it on camera. 

Maeva, of course, had no clue what was going on, just that I had interrupted her sleep.
But she still smiles and looked like the sweetest ladybug ever! 

Really, there isn't much to say.
Braden already realizes he has candy and wants to eat it all the time. 
And check out this photo just for fun...

I was trying to get him to sit down on the stairs, to take a picture with his pumpkin (for his second Halloween) and he just wasn't having it. He wanted to go down the steps, not sit! 
It found myself trying not to laugh because its just funny and cute! 

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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