Saturday, September 15, 2012

Longing for structure

Its been a bit since I've blogged.
My computer was having issues but thankfully it is fixed now
And its a whole lot busier as a mom of two than I imagined it would be.
I love it, all of it, but honestly its hard to do anything other than take care of my babies.

I thought I was tired when I was pregnant, but I've reached new levels of tired.
I suspect I'm never going to feel like I never get enough sleep
And will be tired for the rest of my life. I think that's just life of a parent.

Even though I'm tired I know I need to get things back on track here.
I've given myself some grace (maybe not enough?) because it is hard to transition.
Its been hard because Maeva has acid reflux and cries a ton.
Praise the Lord that its gotten better since she's now on meds for it.
Its also been hard because she will wake up late at night and not really want to go back to bed.
She'll be up for a few hours and it really exhaust me.
Its hard because both babies are fighting for my attention all day long.
But like I said I want to get things back on track here.

I want to not be so exhausted that at some point I can make myself get up before the kids.
I want time for myself in the morning.
Time to drink my coffee, get back in The Word, do some reading for Bible study, blog.
I want time to maybe shower and get a few other things done.
I want time to breathe before things get crazy because oh, do they!

I know I can't do it all.
I know some mornings/days none of those things will happen.
Things won't go the way I want, but I am longing for some structure around here.
How do you mamas do it? Any secrets I don't know about?
Besides lots of coffee? ;)


  1. I think the key is to just give up. ;) Give up the preconceived notion that you're going to be able to accomplish everything on your list, give up having the house spotless, etc. I think you have to create a new normal! Oh and keep drinking coffee. ;) Hugs, mama! I'm right there with you - just in a slightly different way. <3

    1. I definitely agree that I need to give up on the idea that I can do everything! I think, for myself, I can easily make that into, "I'm not going to do anything because I can't get one thing done." Er. Hopefully I can do better than that!

  2. I threw out the "to do" list, and instead, I make a "did it" list. I write things down after I did them, then check them off. I feel SO accomplished! It actually makes me want to do a whole bunch of things, because then I KNOW without a doubt that I did them.

    And you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO change your idea of what "normal life" is. It will NEVER be the same as it once was. It changes, just like we do, every season of our lives. We have to create new routines, see what works, what doesn't. As a Mama of 3 under 3, a majority of my life revolves around my littles, but if I don't take the time to replenish what is lost, I lose it. Completely.

    Sometimes I put a movie on for the older boys when Coco naps, and just blog. Other times I clean. Other times I sit and just listen to silence and pray. I almost never get up before the boys in the morning. Once in a great while I do, but right now, it's just unrealistic to think I can do it everyday. Coco gets up at night, so does Judah at times, and it's just not going to happen right now. I'm ok with it. But I try to make time during the day to even read one short devotion.

    I had to stop looking at other women's lives, and stop comparing my day to theirs. They have a completely different lifestyle, different kids, different personality, than I do. What works for one Mama doesn't always work for another, and that's not failing, that is just life.

    And GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Have at least one or two days a week where you have something planned with other Mommies that you can talk things out and just get out of the house. It helps you realize other Mommies are struggling too, other Mommies are going through what you are. It's helped pull me out of a very low slump.

    But I think the "Did it" list would really help the "i'm not doing anything because I can't get one thing done." if you made your bed, write it down and check it off. You're accomplishing something already. I even put "play with my kids" on there, which is of upmost importance when you are staying at home with them!! It helps fill their love buckets and makes them more apt to play by themselves at other times so you can more done.

    Sorry for the novel! I totally understand where you are right now friend! I was there, not long ago myself! But there is hope! God chose you for this, and He knows you can Mother those babies better than anyone! I love you and I am praying for you Kassie!

    Lots of Love! Marybeth

  3. I've had to lay off pinterest and read blogs carefully. I find myself trying to compare way too often. My mom told me if I get one thing done, besides taking care of my kiddo, then it was a great successful day! The Lord has given me a baby to raise... my type A personality is working on understanding that my house can be sticky and laundry can be in piles.. It's hard, but a lot of caffeine is helping!


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