Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 1

Maeva turned a week old yesterday. I can't believe she's already been in our world for a week! 
Time does go by so quickly... We know this, we know that we're going to blink and she'll be as big as her big brother. It scares me how time goes by so fast, so I'm trying to enjoy this little newborn as much as possible because really, they are only babies for a short time! 

Its been an interesting week.

We had Maeva's first appointment on Friday and she is almost back to her birth weight! I was a bit nervous that she wasn't getting enough milk, but the doctor reassured me that considering she is almost back to her birth weight, she most definitely is getting enough to eat! 

She sleeps A LOT. I don't remember Braden sleeping this much, but maybe he did.
Sometimes I wake her to eat because she's slept for so long or because I'm in pain and NEED to feed her! ;-) 

Speaking of sleep. I am definitely not getting enough! Surprise, surprise huh? 
She does sleep well at night... only waking up about 2 times.
However, she makes lots of noise in her and that's woken me up!
Sometimes she sleeps so well however, that I have to get up and pump, so yeah, just not enough sleep for mama. 

She is very alert and wide eyed when she is awake and wants to just eat! 
I'm loving it...seeing her eyes open and nursing her.
A precious time!

Yesterday was my first day home with big brother and her.
Its challenging at times, but do-able.
Will go a lot better after I am completely healed from my c-section.
However, we do wish daddy could always be at home with us!

Braden seems to be adjusting well to the role of big brother.
He stops and just stares at her sometimes. 
I look forward too seeing him grow in that area.
Speaking of growing, he is SO big, but more on that later...

We had the chance to have some newborn pictures taken this past weekend.
I'm excited to share them with you.
Here's a sneak peek...

Right now, both babies are down for a nap, so that's where I'm headed!
A nap! Thank you Jesus!

By the way, I might suck at blogging for a bit.
I want to blog, I love to blog, but its not always going to happen.
Thanks for being understanding in the lack of posts or replies! 

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  1. Yay baby! She looks like she is getting plenty of milk Mama!

    And I'm JUST getting back into blogging since having Coco! Totally understandable!

    Love ya friend!


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