Thursday, August 23, 2012


^^^ Maeva at 2 days old^^^

I didn't plan on starting up on blogging right away and maybe it won't be an every day thing, but I do enjoy it and I do feel like it today, so here I am!

I'm overwhelmed today by so much. Overwhelmed by love for my little family... 
James, Braden, Maeva... I just love them so much, I'm sure that if love could make my heart explode, it surely would. I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness... there is so much to be thankful for! 

I'm thankful for Maeva and how perfect she is. So adorable and precious to my mama heart. 
I'm thankful for a great doctor and that the c-section went well. Thankful I'm recovering quickly.
Thankful for James and the fact that he is so caring and doing whatever I may need.
Cleaning, cooking, taking care of our babies, letting me nap. 

Thankful for parents, in laws, and grandparents who bring us food and buy us crock-pots! ;)
Thankful that they are willing to take care of our sweet big boy while we had our daughter.
Thankful that they are willing to come and play with him. 
Thankful that they love on him to show him that he is still just as loved. 

I'm thankful that Braden is adjusting well to his little sister.
That he wasn't too mad at us...
 for leaving him with grandma for a few days while we were at the hospital.
That does mean sleepovers for him in our bed though because he missed us so much! 

I'm thankful that my husband was able to take time off work and be home with us.
Thankful that we are able to just be a family for a few days before things go back to "normal." 
I wish this was our normal...him at home...always all of us together. 

I'm thankful that we were blessed with another baby. 
I was talking to James today and told him that when it was just him, Braden and I, it was perfect, but now with Maeva, its even more perfect.
I'm thankful that God trusts us with these little ones. 

I'm thankful for the life we have. 
Our babies.
Each other. 
Caring, loving people, around us.
Jesus... especially Him because of Him this is the life we have. 


  1. SO CUTE.
    I love her.
    And you.
    Congratulations friend!

  2. awe!!!! oh my goodness she's just precious :) congrats to you all!!! so wonderful!

  3. AW!!! Such a sweet post! :) Glad to hear your all doing well after Maeva's arrival!

  4. She is perfect Kassie. So happy for you! Praise God!

  5. What a sweet little family you have :) Thanks for sharing your first couple of days with us. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Would love for you to check it out when you get a spare minute:

  6. Your entire family is just precious! And Maeva is adorably perfect! Hope all is doing well for your new little family :)

    I also nominated you for an award :D Go check it out here:

  7. What a beautiful and lovely post, Kassie.

    Your family photo is gorgeous! You have a beautiful little girl and her big brother to watch over and protect her as they both grow older. Congratulations on a successful birth and your new beauty.

    She is truly gorgeous! :-) I'm SO happy for you and James, and excited to meet her in 6 time. :) Love you, girlfriend.


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