Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scheduling. Do do or not to do?

Are you a mama who schedules things out or just goes with the flow? 
I'm a bit of both, but I think I want to have more of set schedule.
I think it'd be good for both Braden and I. Especially for him with baby sister on the way.
I think it'd be good for him to have something set in stone, but then again I wonder with it all fall apart when Maeva arrives? I'd hate for that to happen. 
I'm thinking about trying something out just so more things get done. 
Often my days feel like nothing happens or gets done. 
Maybe it's because I sleep until Braden wakes up or because we don't have a schedule. 

Here's what I have in mind.
10ish-Braden wakes up and eats breakfast
10:30-Cartoons/get errands done
11:00-12:00 - Playtime/learning/reading
12:00- Lunch 
12:30- 2:00 - Playtime/learning/reading
2:00-4:00 - Nap/down time
4:00- Snack
4:00-4:30- Time outside 
4:30-6:30- No idea
6:30-Dinner time
7:00-8:00- Playtime/hang out time with daddy
8:00-8:30- Bed time routine/bed time

Any ideas from you mama's out there? I have no clue what I'm doing really.
What do you do with your kiddos?
This is just a rough draft and definitely will change often I am sure. 
Scheduling out makes the day seem really long, but then again somedays just seem long anyway.

Any advice or learning activities I could do with my almost 19 month old? 
He really does it own thing a lot of the time - a lot of playing with cars or reading. 
I know I need to do more learning things with him. What are you favorite activities?

I'd appreciate any advice/encouraging words. 


  1. I was a nanny and a teacher and I am a firm believer in schedules. I think it helps kids to have consistency. But It's okay if you don't a;ways follow it :)

    1. I'm definitely leaning towards it being a better idea than not.
      I'm just worried that there won't be enough things to fill the time, but I know that's not true!
      Motherhood means one has to be creative, that's for sure!

  2. Since I have somewhat gotten Jane on a sleeping schedule, she AND I are much happier! I think some kids just work better on schedules...not all though.
    I think it is important, for the both of you, to have time where Daddy takes over. I have found that much needed in our day-to-day. As soon as Justin gets home I want a mommy break! If I am not intentional about telling him I need him to play and hang out with her, I get irritated and tired.
    I also like to allow for some alone-play-time. I'm sure you do that too?
    Other than that, I am a newer mama than you and don't have much advice :)
    Other than I think it is a good idea.
    AND I think you will probably feel more productive and in order yourself. I always find I have better days when I feel like I stuck to a schedule and actually got some stuff done...because a lot of days I feel like you...I feel like nothing happens or gets done.


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