Thursday, June 21, 2012

Growing up happens way too fast!

Yesterday morning when I went to get Braden out of his crib I saw dried blood on his face. 
I looked at his face, but couldn't see anything that had bled or was bleeding. 
However, as the morning went on and Braden was being his silly self, 
I saw the inside of his lip. 
He had bitten it hard in the night. 
Possibly by bumping his head on the crib, like he tends to do. 
I sent a picture to James and we decided that we'd get him a big boy bed in the evening, 
rather than waiting until the weekend. 

Now, he's in a big bed. 
I read this post by a friend yesterday
 and it summed up a lot of what I feel about this and Braden growing up. 
It really does go too fast. It breaks my heart, a bit.

Just yesterday I remember finding out I was pregnant with Braden. 
It was a hard day, but that day, I will forever be thankful for. 
Just yesterday I remember the pregnancy.
How in the end I wanted him to enter the world so badly. 
I remember going to the hospital, thinking I was having contractions, and being sent home. 
I cried...because I just wanted my baby boy. 
I remember having the c-section.
Hearing him cry for the first time. My own tears came then, too.
Just yesterday I remember nursing him. 
How he needed me for that. 
Just yesterday I remember being able to hold him. 
How I could hold him and he'd sleep on me. How I could hold him and he'd be happy. 

Today... he'll be a big brother in about 60 days. 
He's no longer the baby, but a growing, silly, happy, boy. 
Today... he's able to go get his own food, if I'm just not getting it fast enough.
He can point to what he wants. Crackers, oreos, fruit, juice. 
Today... I can't hold him as much as I want. He's too squirmy, too busy.
But he does give me lots of kisses and hugs.
Oh, how I love them!

Today... he's in a big boy bed.

Watching him grow up is one of the best things to see as his mama.
Honestly, however, it is really, really hard! 
I want to keep him my little boy forever. Part of me thinks, "Oh, this big bed happened too fast!"
Part of me just wants to put him back in the crib even though he did wonderfully in the bed. 
I know this will happen a lot as I watch him grow. 

^^^ He looks so much like his daddy in the picture!^^^

But I know I can't stop his growing.
It is just a part of life.
I'm glad I at least get to see it happen. 


That's how he felt about it when we first put him in bed.
I think he was unsure of what was going on and he was really tired.
It didn't take too long for him to fall asleep and I only heard him make one little peep last night.
And I'm pretty certain I'm going to hear the word, "Car" a lot today. It is his favorite to say!


  1. awww, this is such a sweet post. maybe this new baby is coming at the perfect time, to help you transition from having a "big" baby and a newborn one :-)

    1. That is a good thought!
      Thank you! =)

  2. That last picture is the depiction of all kids faces as their parents leave them to rest. It is so sad and pathetic. Everytime Jane gives me one of those it breaks my heart and kind of makes me laugh at the same time.
    I agree with the other commenter. I think it will be a good transition.
    He is super cute all sprawled out on that bed!

  3. Ahh... poor little thing in that last pic. Every night I put my daughter down she cries a little and reaches for me. It breaks my heart everytime. :( I am sure he is just gonna love his big boy bed! :)

    1. Its so hard for our kids not to break our hearts sometimes!
      I think he loves it - he slept for over 13 hours last night! =)


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