Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Braden

There is no greater joy than being a mama.
You taught me that. 
From the first moment I heard your cry,
tears filling my eyes and streaming down my face, I was filled with joy.
I never knew what joy was until that moment.
You show me joy everyday... there is no one that can show more joy, than a child. 
Thank you for showing me joy, baby boy. 
It's a great gift. 

You, sweet boy, make me laugh and smile more than anyone ever could.
Just looking at your faces, I can't help but burst into laughter. 
You do things... like drag your dino over to me because you want to ride him 
or say "yes" and I can't help but smile because you're growing so much. 
It makes me so proud to see you grow, to see you develop a personality. 
I've never been so proud. I will always be proud of you, no matter what sweet boy, 
mama will always be proud.

I love you sweet boy.



  1. So sweet and such presh pictures!!! he is so sweet and so lucky to have you for mama!! :)

  2. His faces are hilarious! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. They were cracking me up so much! =)

  3. You're right! There really is nothing better to show you joy than your own child! Love it! He's so photogenic, too! :) Hopping over from the Letter to Littles link up.

  4. I meant to respond the other day - Yes, Jane does take three naps, sometimes four!!! It is nice. They usually aren't too long of naps, but she gets awful cranky if she can't sleep when she wants...who knows where she gets that one from ;) Momma likes to sleep too :)
    It is a lot, but I don't mind and she doesn't sleep very well at night, so I think that is how she makes up for it.


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