Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Braden

You, my sweet little boy, are growing so fast.
Too fast for mommy and daddy. 
It makes my heart ache... in good ways and in sad ways.
I love hearing you say new things like "car" and "yes".
I love watching you do new things like crawling up onto your water table (scares me, but you are reaching new milestones!), kissing me, and blowing raspberries on my stomach. 
I wonder how you learn these things.
They make me smile and laugh.
But it makes me realize how time really does go too quickly.
Don't grow up too fast, okay? 
I say that, but I know you will... 
Because this time together, you being little, only lasts a little while.
Know though, sweet boy, that no matter what you will always be my baby boy.
I love you.

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