Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 23

Week 23. I cannot believe it.
I was talking to my husband this evening about how quickly this is going.
Soon it will be week 25 
And after that week 30 
And then less than 10 weeks Maeva will be here because of having a c-section. 
I'm a bit overwhelmed by it, but at the same time very excited. 
I'm looking forward to seeing her sweet face and holding her.
I can't wait to see James with her and how Braden will respond.
It's all so exciting.

Yet, this whole pregnancy thing is hard.
I've reached the point where I'm not feeling so great about my body. 
I feel huge, but I know I haven't really reached the point where I feel like I'm about to pop. 
I haven't reached the point where I feel like a whale and nothing fits.
I'm dreading that.
I've just reached the point where I feel like my face is fat and am worried about my weight.
I hate those things... how they can rob the joy of this. 
I know those things don't really matter.
All that really matters is being healthy and having her.
All of this... the hardness of pregnancy... it is completely worth it because of her. 
I know that and I tell myself to remember that. 

Thank You Lord for the fact that I am able to carry this precious little girl, this daughter of Yours.
Thank You for this pregnancy being healthy and going well. I love that she is growing well and her kicks... oh, they are wonderful and getting stronger. I am thankful for it all Lord. Help me with my insecurities. Help me to know deep in my heart that all that matters is having her, but mostly that my worth doesn't lie in anything other than You. Not in how I look during pregnancy, not how I feel about my body, my weight, not about anything other than You. Thank You Lord. Amen.

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