Friday, May 25, 2012

Coffee Date

Ever feel like you couldn't possibly drink enough coffee? Well, that's me today lately. 
But of course, I can't drink as much as I dream about because of the growing baby girl in me.
Speaking of that... if we met for coffee, I'd tell you that I'm exhausted. 
I've felt exhausted the last couple weeks. 
So exhausted that I sleep until the toddler wakes up, which has been earlier than normal lately. 
So exhausted that when he does wake up I can't help but think, "I just want to sleep a few more hours."
Of course I don't because the toddler calls, but I'm definitely not motivated and not my best. 
I end up lying on the couch, cuddling with Braden while he watched nickjr. 
I know that if I just took a shower, I'd feel better, but that takes a lot of energy. 

If we met for coffee, I'd tell you that discipling my son is so hard! 
I know that disciplining him in love is the most loving thing I can do, but it still hurts to discipline.
In my head, he's still too little to understand. He's my baby!
The truth is, though, that's not true.... he'll always be my baby, but he knows what he should do and what he shouldn't and when he doesn't I need to show him.
It hurts my heart to discipline... to tell him no, to put him in time out, to tap his bottom sometimes, but I know that if I don't discipline him, it will hurt my heart more. 

If we met for coffee, I'd tell you that for the first time in a long time,
I am reading the Bible on a daily basis.
I'd tell you that even though I'm feeling exhausted physically and emotionally,
I am feeling good spiritually!
I am feeling filled up by His word and encouraged!
I am actually excited to read His word every day. How awesome is that!
I love that God is changing my heart and making it so I want to read His word, making it so I want to do what is right in His eyes.
God is good.

What would you share with me if we met for coffee?

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  1. Your blog is so pretty! P.S. I thought you would be interested in the giveaway I'm hosting for eShakti on

  2. That's so awesome you are being encouraged and strengthened in God's Word! It's amazing how just that simple act of spending time studying the Bible refreshes and encourages us beyond any earthly thing. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement :)
    Kathy @

  3. Well, first off, I want to meet for coffee!
    Second, I love the new design.
    I am working on one, but can't find the time to finish/figure it all out.
    I have been reading a lady's blog that I love and five of her posts were tips for bloggers, so I plan to re-vamp/vamp my blog...sometime this summer.

    If we met for coffee, I would tell you that you are an encouragement to me. I love to read your blog, see your family, hear about your heart. I actually started the Soul Detox thanks to you!
    I am loving it so far.

    Oh, and you had a typo that I loved! You said, "If we met for coffee, I'd tell you that discipling my son is so hard!" I think you meant "disciplining". BUT, I think that parenting is discipling. We are our child's greatest (or worst sometimes) example of who Christ is and how to walk in His way...that is HARD. Along with disciplining. Anyway, it made me think about how I want to disciple my children. Thanks!

    I am so proud of you for sticking in God's word through your exhaustion. I think that is one of the hardest times to do so, but also the most needed time!

    I don't think I feel like I can't get enough coffee, but definitely could never get enough coffee dates! I LOVE chatting with friends, especially over the ambiance that is created between a fresh latte and a chill environment. Mmmmm.


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