Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Battling Fear

Fear is a prison on pinterest via music is art.

Fear. Everyday it is something I live with. 
I don't know where my fear came from or why it is so powerful.
I don't know why it is rooted so deeply in my heart.
But it is there every single day.
I feel silly about it, really, because the fears I have, well, they seem silly. 
I can't say that I have one exact fear, but its really the fear of the world.
Somehow, there's a fear that's gotten ahold of me, about stepping out the front door. 
I don't want to go anywhere without my husband.
I get nervous about it, I get panicky. 
I'm just flat out scared to go anywhere... to the grocery store, the mall, the car wash, the pool.
I don't want to go to those places, do those things by myself.
I'm unsure of what I'm scared of, but I know one thing.... I don't like this fear! 
This fear isn't something I want to welcome. It's not something I want to stick around.
I am tired of being paralyzed by it, feeling as if I am in a prison. 

Fearless living on pinterest via tumblr

God's word tells us to not be afraid. Its really a command and I want to follow His words.
He wants us to trust in Him and if I let fear have control over my life, am I really trusting Him?
I want to trust Him wherever I am. 
I want to go out into this world with full confidence that God is in control and has my back.
He does. He promises that. 
So bit my bit, day by day, I am conquering this.
The past two days I've taken my son to the pool by myself.
It may seem silly, but its a big step for me. 
I am thankful for that God is helping me conquer this fear.
Do you struggle with fear? How do you conquer it? 

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