Friday, February 10, 2012

What I love about one

Having a newborn is a great experience... one I am looking forward to experiencing again months from now. I do, however, really enjoy having a one year old! Its such a fun age. 

I love how Braden is able to feed himself, how he is pretty much willing to eat anything.
Let me tell me, the boy LOVES to eat and drink juice. 
He knows that when we go through the line at starbucks he will get a juice box and he gets so excited.

I love how in the morning when I go to get him out of his crib, he stands up and reaches for me. Then, he puts his head on my shoulder. 

I love how happy he can be. Laughing and smiling constantly. 

I love how he plays. Always reaching for new things. 

I love how he is my little go-er. He constantly wants to walk... he's happy with just walking in a store.
He's so fast and whew, it can wear a person out!

I love how he talks. I look forward to hearing more from him. Especially the word, "mama" if he ever decides to say it! ;)

I love how at this point he'll still let me hold him and how there are those moments where he just wants his daddy.

I love how he wants his daddy... love hearing them talk and play. Its my favorite thing and could just make me cry because its so amazing.

I love the faces that he makes and how he gets them from me. 

I love how being outside is his favorite thing. He just wants to be outside... to walk, to run around, to play with his ball, to feel the grass in his hands.

I love how he has to have his big white bear with him at night. How he'll sit up and play with it.
How he'll grab it, bite its nose, and cuddle with it. So cute. 

I love how he's becoming his own little person. I love to see his personality and wonder who he will grow to be.

I love so much. 


  1. I see my little Judah in the words you wrote...I can't believe they are growing up so fast! Look at braden's hair! So handsome! I finally cut Judah's... =( I cried! He aged at least 3 months. :) Love you!

    1. They are growing so fast and soon we'll both have another one that will grow just as fast! =(
      I don't want to cut his hair yet!

      Love you, friend!


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