Thursday, February 9, 2012


It's time to link up with Gussy Sews for some inspiration.
This months prompt is ORGANIZATION and let me tell you I need some inspiration in this area. 
I want to be an organized person. I want the apartment not to be such a mess. I want things to have there place. But so far I'm not that type of person. I'm going to work on it! 

The following are organization tips I love.

How cute are these? They'd be perfect in an entry way for mail or above a desk to use as an inspiration board. I always have letters or cards from loved ones that I like to keep. Also, tons of photos!

Speaking of photos. Mine are a mess. I have over 5,000 on my computer and that doesn't include the thousands I've deleted. I'm not very good at keeping them organized and it definitely slows the computer down. This would be a great way to get certain ones off the computer and keep them organized. I really do need to do this!

I've never been good at keeping a planner/calendar. I tell myself to because I'm so forgetful. 
I always tend to forget about appointments until the day before. Thank goodness doctors and such call to remind me! ;) I also have lots of ideas flowing around in my head when it comes what to blog about. This would be a perfect way to remember those ideas. Plus its free and printable. I may be doing this soon!

There are certain things in this house that are a mess. Drawers in the bathroom are one of those things. 
I never would have thought to take silverware tray and turn into something to organize my make up! 

The closet...okay, lets be real, anywhere my clothes are (the bathroom, bedroom, closet...) gets to be a disaster really fast. I'd love for my closet to look like this. Just nice. 

::all photos via Pinterest::

I have a lot of work to do. 
What's your favorite organize tip? 
Tell me. Encourage me. 

Happy Thursday

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. Love the silverware tray drawer organizer. I wonder where you can find those nice wooden ones?


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