Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal planning and shrimp dip

Once upon a time I really enjoyed cooking, but over the past year or so I really haven't done much of it for multiple reasons, but having meals at home, together is important to me. I want to get back into the groove of cooking and also am hoping that by making more meals at home (and not eating out so much) will help us financially. So meal planning it is! I'm not the best at planning out meals... it takes a lot of time (especially when just starting out) and then theres the grocery shopping. Last night was the first night we went to the store with an actual hand written list... it took forever in the store and our grocery budget just didn't happen. It will get better though! As a friend reminded me, it takes time and practice! We can do this! In order to hold myself accountable I'm blogging about it and thought every once in a while I'd share a recipe. Today, I'm sharing my favorite dip! Shrimp dip!

This dip is a family favorite. We usually have it at holiday get togethers or just when we get together for whatever. Considering I'm pregnant and have cravings, I decided to make it last night! 

A few things: These are just the brands we used. You can use whatever brand you want. Also, normally I'd get canned shrimp, but had a bad experience with it once so went with this gigantic package which is in the freezer for the other times I'm craving it. I don't really have the measurements for this you can make a tray as big or small as you want! 

Make sure your cream cheese is soft. We'd just gotten home from the grocery store, so ours had been out a while. Spread a pretty thick layer of cream cheese on your pan. 

Spread a layer of cocktail sauce over the cream cheese.

Drain your shrimp (if its from a can) or do as the directions say with whatever type you got. With ours we had to de-thaw it by running it under cold water for five minutes. Put a layer of it on top of the cocktail sauce. 

You're done!

Dig in! =) If you make it...let me know what you think! 

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  1. I learned to make my list according to the set up of the store. Once you get used to where each item is, you can write your list from the front of the store to the back. :) It just involves blocks according to the aisle the foods are. It sounds crazy, but it works!


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