Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Motherhood isn't always great

I just read this post on mothering. In a nutshell its pretty much about how every moment in motherhood isn't great. I love being a stay-at-home mama. I can't imagine myself doing anything else, but oh boy, I could totally relate to it. Sometimes its not great. Sometimes its super hard and frustrating. 

Sometimes there are tantrums that involve my son throwing himself on the ground, flailing his arms all over the place, and so much screaming. Sometimes theres just screaming. 
There are moments when no matter how many times I say no, he thinks yes.
Messes are never ending and nap time is a battle every single day. 
Counting down to bed time happens often and I'm pretty much always tired. 

But there are moments where none of that matters, amazing moments where all those crazy moments are forgotten.

Moments where he is so happy.
Moments where is smiling and trying to talk to me. 
Moments where he is my cuddly baby. 
Moments where he makes me laugh and smile. 

Motherhood (parenthood really) is the hardest job ever, but its completely worth it.


  1. I completely agree. And I cannot think of any one job more rewarding than being a Mama. I love that you mentioned about him still being your cuddly baby every once in a while... My little guy is 15 months old, and becoming increasingly independent... But he still has those moments every now and then, too! And I LOVE them. I hope he doesn't grow out of them too quickly :-)
    Take care,

  2. The most important thing I think is to allow yourself to have those moments. They will not stop coming, it's good to know it's OK and that is the reality. My daughter just turned 17 this week, and I STILL have those moments with her, just in different form of course-, I think it's good that you are in touch with reality, and allow yourself to admit that it's not always sugar and roses, LOL
    You're doing great!!!


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