Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm a worrier. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. 
I've gotten better at not worrying as much.
I used to worry so much and get so upset by things that I'd be sick to my stomach and I couldn't eat. 
It was awful. It doesn't normally get that bad now, but I still worry.

Lately I've been worrying about what others think about me.
Especially when it comes to mothering. 
I worry that people are judging me as a mom... looking at me and thinking in their minds, "She doesn't know what she's doing, she's a bad mom." 

I'm the type of mom...
 Whose kid has had sweets before he's one. He likes oreos, what can ya do?
Whose child doesn't have a normal sleeping pattern. Maybe thats my fault.. I don't know, but I've tried. He sleeps when he wants, when he's tired!
Who lets her kid play by himself a lot. I with play him, I do interact with him, but he likes to do things on his own. 

I could go on and on, but you know what I feel like I'm doing in saying these things? I feel like I'm trying to defend myself as a mom and that isn't something I need to do. I don't need to apologize to anyone for how I parent or what I do and don't do as a mom. 

He's happy. 
He's well taken care of.
He's loved.
No, I'm not the perfect mom. I will always need to work on things, but the fact that he's happy, taken care of, and loved...that's what matters most. What people think of me, doesn't. 

Any mama's have this worry? How do you deal with it?


  1. I think as mothers, we give ourselves a hard time and feel like people are judging us when really it can be ourselves putting the pressure on us. I often wonder if people think I am a bad mom too for the choices I make. But, I know I am doing the best I can. :)


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