Monday, November 14, 2011

Where my hope comes from

This is the verse I have to look at today because things are feeling hopeless. 
When my little boy is screaming... I feel no hope.
When I look at our bills and the pile of debt we have...I feel no hope.
When I get irritated and frustrated at our current living situation...I feel no hope.
When people are constantly telling me what to do and making me feel bad because I am not doing things their way, the way they consider right...I feel no hope.

Honestly, I'm stressed out, a bit depressed, irritated, bitter, and a little angry too. 
But there is hope and I need to focus my attention on WHERE that hope REALLY is. 
Because sometimes hope isn't around me... I won't find it in my baby screams, money, a house, or people's opinions. Sometimes theres no hope in those things because how can those things give me hope when so often those things fail us? 

My precious boy... I love him dearly. I love him more than words can ever explain, but he's probably always going to fuss or drive me a little loopy sometimes. At least for the next 17 years right? ;)
It will seem like we never have enough money... I'm human and I'll admit right now that sometimes I really do want more of it even though it does nothing for me...not really.
A home? A space of my own? Yes, I want it, I dream of it right now, literally, but when we get there, will we dream of bigger and better? Because that's what we do as humans? We always want whats bigger and better? 
And people telling me what to do and thinking wrongly of me? That's what people do...they judge, they always think their right. I won't find hope in people, not always.

But where is there hope?
Even though I'm struggling to believe this right now... even though I can't grasp it because I'm having a few horrible moments, I know its the truth.
God is the only place where I will find hope because He is hope!

Please God, let me rest in Your hope.
You offer us so much of it, but I'm struggling to find it.
Open my eyes to it Lord.
Give me hope to get through this day because I need it.


  1. Hang in there! He is mighty to save and loves to bless those who love Him! I know you're going through trials, but I know this is somehow for His glory and shaping you to be more like Him. So, precious sister, know that He will guide you through this all! You just have to hold on for dear life and know that peace will come. I love you!

  2. I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and your pictures are always adorable! I have given you a blog award because you have touched my heart on several occasions. You can check it out over on my blog if you'd like. :) Thanks for sharing everything you do!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart! This is so true. God is the only thing we can truly put our hope in...and know He will never disappoint. xoxo

  4. Hey Kassie!
    We should skype sometime!!
    Or even email would be good.
    I just moved out of I can realte well to your feelings im sure! Maybe even give some advice?


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