Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm gonna miss this

There's a country song called You're Gonna Miss This. It always gets to me.
Its a song about how we want to grow up so fast. 
As teenagers we can't wait to move out.
When we get married we can't wait to have kids.
When we have a small apartment, we want something bigger.
I've been there. 
We always want more then what we have, but the truth is... we will miss the things we had before, the simple things.

This song gets to me as a mama. I look forward to things with Braden. 
I look forward to him growing up and being there always.
But I know I'm going to miss things.
One of my favorite things is the mornings... when Braden wakes up and cries for me because he's hungry. 
I love being sandwiched in-between my two boys in the bed.
Yes, getting up early isn't always easy, but I will miss it!
I will miss all of being together in the comfy bed, cuddling. 
I will miss him letting me hold him.
When I get pregnant I will be so happy, but I know that I will miss just the three of us, too. 
I will miss him being little. I will miss him being my baby.
Theres so much I will miss, so I hold tight to it now. 


  1. i am having serious baby fever right now, so i know how you feel. i always worried when i was pregnant with my second if i would be able to love both equally (only because i love my first so much). but, as a mom, i was definitely able to have more than enough love for both of them. and now that they are a little bit older, i still force them to cuddle with me just as if they were still babies!

  2. There are days I just cry because I miss Jeremiah as a little baby..just the 3 of us. I'm so glad you are enjoying and cherishing these moments. They go by SO fast!


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