Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My side of the story

A few weeks ago my husband wrote this post about the first night we'd met. 
I decided to write about the night from my view point. I wrote about it a bit here, but vaguely, so here I go into it a more deeply.

I was sitting outside AMC theater waiting for James, this guy I'd never met. I remember thinking how strange it was that I wasn't super nervous. I didn't quite understand because these things (as in meeting people I've never met before - especially a guy) normally made me nervous, so nervous that I usually refused. But with James, I didn't get that feeling. I sat there, just patiently waiting and then I saw him and he saw me. I got up to walk towards him and even before I got super close I remember thinking to myself, this guy is really good looking. I don't know why this took me by surprise - I mean, I'd seen his facebook (ha ha), but it didn't do him justice. We introduced ourselves and went to get our tickets. This was a bit awkward for me because before getting together we'd established that we were just hanging out as friends, so I was like is the guy going to pay and if so is this a date (this goes through every girl's head right...I'm not strange right)? He paid and we went to find our seats to view the movie Surrogates. We talked and talked. We talked about our families (how I had one sister and he had 9 other siblings), how we went to the same junior high and both grew up Catholic, and things we liked to do (for instance, he loves to fly). The movie started and it was awful. I'm pretty sure it was the first movie I've ever walked out of. After the movie we went to Old Chicago where we ordered a pizza and talked more about our lives. At one point he said, "you know this isn't a date right?" It was SO awkward. I, of course, said that I knew because well, any other thing would have just made it more awkward. He asked me, after dinner, if I'd like to go flying with him. I said I would and as we drove we talked more about this not being a date. I remember James saying something about how this may not be a date, but whenever guys and girls hang out it always seems like a date. Part of me laughed inside because I knew that this conversation was more then conversation or he wouldn't  be saying such things. When we got ready to fly James had to put fuel in the plane and he stepped up onto the side of the plan by my window. In that moment I knew I was in trouble. In that moment I knew I could fall for this guy and I could fall hard. It scared me. Its all I could think about while up in the air looking at the night down around us. Its all I could think about as he drove me back to my car. Its all I could think about as I quickly got out of his car and into mine to drive away. 

I thought about this night for a long time. I still do sometimes. 
The whole time we were going on "non-dates" I kept on thinking about this night and the moment I knew I could fall hard. I tried to fight it, I really did, but you can't fight what God has for you, you can't fight love.

(A picture from a recent date night)
Love you James Matthew Rew
Even then...


  1. {grin}, love hearing both sides of the story. I also grin because to this day (almost 12 years later) my husband insists our first date (to me) wasn't a first date, but just two friends going out for dinner. Kay, might have started that way...but when we kisssed? Probably not. Hehe.

  2. Too sweet! Thanks for sharing your perspective! :) (Thank you for encouraging me the other day, by the way!)


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