Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nothing will stop him!

It was in the 50 yesterday , which is crazy (I know, I know not freezing, but still colder than its been). I thought that meant a day inside, but do you think the weather would stop this kid? I did. Clearly, mama was wrong. Outside he wanted to go. So we bundled up and went! 

Happy as can be because he's outside... the place he loves the most! 
I wonder what this means for winter... even when there is snow on the ground, even when its super cold...he's going to want to go out. "Sure, kid, go, but mama's gonna stay where its nice and warm because I hate the cold!" I can just see it. But of course, I'll go with him because it will make him happy and well, its safer that way! 

I have no idea what he is looking at but clearly he is shocked. 

Whenever he makes this face it just looks like he's disgusted (to me anyway), but he's not. He's just so excited he cannot contain himself. =)

Watching a car drive by while playing with leaves, of course. 

So, the cold is worth it. It always will be because it makes him so happy! 


  1. Sometimes going outside is the ONLY thing that will make my children stop screaming. they love it outside! Even if it's bitterly cold! Crazy! he is so cute :)


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