Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girlfriends weekend

This past weekend some of us girls from college got together.
Its the first time some of us have all been together since I got married.
It was so fun to see all of them and catch up on life because its changed so much! 
We had a full weekend!
We ate a ton of food,went to a pumpkin patch,talked a lot
and just hung out! It was great! 
Oh, and of course Braden got a lot of loving!

This was his first time on a hayride. He couldn't take his eyes away from the big wheels!
There were a few farm animals. The pig got lose!
They had this slide at the pumpkin patch which was so fun to go down.
I was a bit nervous about going down it with Braden, but decided to try it anyway.
It was safe and fun. We laughed a lot!
We took a trip to the cider mill. So many apples!
Braden of course had to check out the pumpkins! I think he recognized them from his first time at the pumpkin patch!
Of course I had to try some cider. This was apple-raspberry cider. Very yummy!
And heres a picture of us that evening watching some fire on the water thing (I'd explain it, but its boring lol). 
I am so thankful for these women. 
They've been there for me through a lot.
 I look forward to the many more times that we get to be together in this life! 


  1. I LOVE these pictures! And your header is to die for!! So cute!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  2. that looks so fun! girls weekends are the best :)

  3. Those are the BEST! I have pics to post of my recent girls weekend too! :)xoxo

  4. This looks like such a fun way to spend a weekend. I've really been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch before Halloween, but no luck so far. Also , your son is adorable.


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