Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Fridays

I'm doing this photo challenge. Click here to see photos 1-4.

Day 5: A photo of whatever you please.
(They have carriage rides on the plaza. Snapped a picture of the horse)

Day 6: A photo from a low angle.
(A balcony. I cannot imagine that anyone actually stands on it)

Day 7: A silhouette photo. 
( A plant)

Day 8: Something close up.
(Tree bark)

Day 9: A photo of something from a distance.
( The lake by my grandparents)

Day 10: A photo of whatever you please.
(A pretty flower I saw while taking baby on a walk)

Day 11: A black and white photo.
(Time in the mirror...come on, ya know he's going to be in at least one photo every week!)

I'm liking this challenge...still want to get more out of my comfort zone when it comes to pick taking.

What is your favorite thing to take photos of?
Mine, of course, is my little one. You knew that already though, right?


  1. Beeeeeeeeeautiful photos. I love the one of the gnarly almost looks like a face.
    My fav thing to take pics of is the babies, too!

  2. Oh the mirror pic is adorbs! She's sooo cute!


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