Saturday, August 13, 2011

A list of love

I love being a mama.
 There is nothing in the world like it and nothing that has given me so much joy in all my life! 
Its hard work and often, overwhelming, but its worth every single bit of all the hard times! 

I love my baby so much. Its such a different love than I've ever felt in my life. I think God does that on purpose... places that love within our hearts, for our children, so we can get a glimpse of how He loves us, His children.

I love...

How God chose him for me and me for Him.

 How, at times, after feeding him in the morning, he will fall back asleep on me and he's so cuddly. 

When I can actually hold him when he's sleeping... he's not such a wiggle worm then. Reminds me of when he was an infant. 

In the mornings, if we see others when he's just woken up, he gets all shy and puts his face on my chest.

 The look of peace on his face when he's sleeping.

How sometimes he sleeps with his bottom in the air.

The fact that he gets so excited about eating that he just cannot contain it!

When I'm nursing him, he takes his hand and reaches it behind his head to hold tightly onto my finger.

How he loves to experience new things. He's so aware of everything!

The faces he makes. Oh my, he is my boy, for sure!

His laugh and the fact that he just loves to laugh, so will, for no reason at all. 

Him drinking out of a big boy cup. He loves ice water and tries to hold the cup himself!

How he shakes his head, "No." 

How he wants attention so bad sometimes and does whatever he has to do to get it!

The list goes on and on...

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