Monday, August 29, 2011

New do

 The above picture is one I took myself, but I had my husband take more when he came home, just so all of it could be seen. I wanted to do something different...more exciting, but my 9 month old was crying at my feet, so I thought what can I do thats fast, simple, but new? 
 I haven't been wearing my hair up much just because its on the shorter end...some of it can't go up and stay up. I also had my bands go more to the side rather than straight down. But the real new thing was these headbands. 
I don't usually wear these type of head bands - the ones that go all the way around (I'm not explaining this very I hope you know what I mean) - because they always seem to slip off and I get annoyed. But these work - I got the no slip ones this time! I like them too - bright and fun! I am sure I could wear more than 2 at a time as well... they come in many fun colors!


  1. Mullets were business up front, party in the back. What you have is pixie in the front, safety in the back! Really, though, you'd look great with a pixie!

  2. Those are fun headbands. I like the idea of coming different brightly colored ones.

  3. Kassie you look great!! Really fun new hair!!


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