Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Shirt: Target. Tie: Gordmans. Skirt: Old Navy.

I'm not sure how I feel about wearing mens clothes. I feel weird in collared shirts...I always have. 
I'll have to try something else when it comes to menswear. 

Speaking of men... here's a little boy in my life.
 I'm trying to get hm to eat more solid foods, but its rather difficult. He eats some baby food and still nurses, but when it comes to solid foods we're struggling here.
He'll pick up graham crackers and french fries (I know...awful mom - whatever), but I can't get the kid to pick up anything else. 
He won't pick up deli meat or cheese, or bread. 
Am I doing something wrong here? 
Or is he just not ready?
Oh, the things mothers (and babies) have to learn... 
it goes on and on. 


  1. ha. cute and creative with the hair piece/tie!!!

  2. I love the tie in the hair! So cute!! And the baby on the hip is a nice photo prop. :0)

    As for his foods, I think you're okay... he's still pretty little, right? If I remember right he's close to my baby's age. As long as he's eating a little baby food and nursing, he'll be okay. Of course, I'm no doctor!! But I think they really don't need to start eating a lot of solids, or table foods, until a year old or so.

  3. awww haha. I just love his face!! so precious!


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