Friday, August 5, 2011

More passion

One of my favorite things to do is use my camera. Its become a real passion of mine since having our little boy and an even bigger passion since getting my canon. I love it. A perfect day to me, would be grabbing my camera and just heading out to take pictures ALL day. I'd love to also have my own photography business someday. I dream about that a lot and pinterest has definitely inspired me with all the photos that have been pinned! I need a lot more experience, which is why I think its important for me to use the camera everyday, even if I am just snapping one photo! That's why I decided to do  this challenge.  I will be doing a lot of challenges  like that one - there are so many out there, which is great! I  hope to get my creative juices flowing. Fridays will be the days when I post pictures I've taken throughout the week. Here are some:

Day 1: A photo of yourself. 
(I like this angle) 

Day 2: A photo of what you wore today.

Day 3: A photo of your favorite place to be.
(Outside in the sun)

Day 4: A photo at a high angle 
(on a high as I could get)

There will be a lot more photos next Friday!
I'll try to not make them all of my baby, but I can't promise that you won't be seeing his face a lot! 

Hope your week starts off with a bang!
I am so glad its here!


  1. OH MY GOSH I just love the last pic :) SO cute. You take amazing pics- I need to learn from you!

  2. Great pics...especially of the cute baby!


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