Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today is our 1st Anniversary. I cannot believe its already been a year. It goes by so fast.
Its been a full year. Full of great times and hard times.
Theres been lots of growth and love. 
And even more times of needing to draw near to Jesus,
 as it is what keeps us going strong. 

Last night we got to go away, just the two of us for a whole night. 
It was interesting, leaving without our baby boy, but it was
definitely something we needed.  We got to stay at a super nice hotel 
and have a wonderful dinner. 

Heres a peak of somethings we enjoyed. 

The melting pot is so good. It was nice to dress up and go somewhere we don't go often! 
We chose to not do the whole meal because its so much food and we weren't super hungry.
First thing: Fiesta cheese. Its comes with chips, veggies, bread, and apples. I know it may seem weird to eat apples with cheese, but its so good!
Of course I had to have a strawberry margarita and they gave us champagne on the house.
It was a bit much, but good! 
And then my favorite part: Chocolate!
We had the s'more chocolate. Delicious.
Making the chocolate in the picture above!
The chocolate comes with so much: strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, rice crispy treats, orea marshmallows  brownie bites, pound cake....and you can get more!
We got more strawberries and bananas.
Definitely the best part of the meal!
Then we walked around and took some pictures and kissed, of course.
My husband is so good looking.
I'm lucky ;)
We went back to our hotel for a while and rested. Then went back out to walk around the Plaza at night. A lovely night for a walk.
Had to take a picture by a fountain.
Had some wine before bed. This was a gift from a friend for our wedding.
It has an engagement picture on it.
Cool, huh?

It was a great anniversary if I do say myself! I have a great husband and I am thankful we got to have some time for just us (I was so glad to see my baby this morning though)! Today we took some family pictures and just had time together. It was a good day. Family pictures will come tomorrow! 

I love you husband!
I look forward to many more years with you!


  1. so cute! love the melting pot, and agreed- for it being plates of little chunks of food, you are stuff by the end!! happy anniversary.


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