Thursday, August 4, 2011

One day as mama

Its inspiration workshop at Gussysews! The prompt was "One day in your life." So, here you go!
Mmmm starbucks, I love you so much. Iced coffee is my fav. By this time I'd already fed my boy, put him back down, and went to the dr. Just drinking my coffee and blogging, while he was sleeping. 
Waking up from a nap. "Mom, why do you have that in my face now?"
 He got so excited about being in his highchair because....
it meant food. =)
Reaching for the camera. He does that a lot.

Playing with his toys. He does this a lot. 
 Some mama time. He's distracted by something else. 
Fighting nap time. This is a regular occurrence and it is so horrible. 
Meeting a puppy, who liked to give him kisses. Braden loved talking to her!

 Having coffee (at starbucks again...) with a dear friend. We've know each other since freshman year of college and she's such a good friend! She's been gone for a while, in Canada. So good to catch up! This is the 3rd time she's been around Braden.
This is Braden passed out after not sleeping all day even though he was tired. Sorta my fault. This didn't last long then. Over-tired babies are not fun for anyone!
Daddies home! 
Giving our boy rasberries on his belly. He just laughs and laughs. Wonderful sound!
Reading the Bible. Husband is funny. 

There you have it. Not everything about the day, but a huge chunk. 

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. I love all of these pictures, especially the black and white one of you and Braden! ADORABLE!

  2. Love this post and the pics! :) And can you email me the one of me and Braden? I love it! :)
    :D I am SO thankful for you! I was thinking the other day how we've known each other for nearly 10 years now!! That is SOOO Long! :D

  3. lol...I do love the pic of you reading the Bible with your hubs in the back! Braden is adorable. Your day sounds like a typical day in the life of a mommy! Coffee (twice!) is a must!

  4. Awww adorable pics! Your little bubba is too precious


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