Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Note to self: I won't mess up my kid!

If you had asked me what my biggest fear was when taking my baby home from the hospital I would have told you I was so fearful that I was going to mess him up! I was so afraid that every little thing I did was going to cause him to grow up and be an emotional disaster! But as a good friend told me that it was very unlikely I was going to actually mess up my child. 
I won't mess him up by not picking him up the second he cries. 
I won't mess him up by letting him cry it out. 
I know some may disagree with that. I've read and heard multiple people's opinions and I understand everyones thoughts. I do, but I believe letting him cry it out for a while is okay. In the beginning of motherhood, it wasn't something I could do, but now thats he's 7 months old, its okay for him to fuss in his crib for a bit. He's not going to grow up and remember that we let him cry. Its not going to make it so he is an emotional mess.
I am not going to completely jack up my child if his schedule is off. This is a big thing for me right now. His sleeping schedule is such a disaster. I think we're getting it back on track, but its hard for all of us! He struggles with going to bed at a decent time. It will be after 10 before he decides he is tired enough to go to bed. I don't how it got to this point....something I did I am sure, but you know what, it isn't going to mess him up! Sure, its a pain and makes him hard to deal with, but it will be okay. We will figure it out!
I won't mess him up if I let him eat a s'more or give him ice cream. I know some people probably think thats crazy because he's only 7 months old, but its not like I give him a plate of s'mores or a bucket of ice cream. He had a s'more on the 4th of July and sometimes when I am eating ice cream he gets a few bites. Its not going to kill him or harm him. 
I could list a ton of things that I used to think would mess him up, but more than likely I am not going to do anything that will really harm him! I will never physically hurt him, I will choose my words carefully (sometimes I will mess up with this), I will protect him, and I will love him! 
It all comes down to love. If I love him with my actions and words I couldn't possibly mess him up!
If I show him the love of God and act like Jesus towards him, then I couldn't possibly mess him up!
Oh, what freedom there is in that! 

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  1. AMEN! I struggle with this so much. I too feed Judah ice cream and let him CIO, and do many other things I thought I would "never do." (I was a obsessive mother with Jeremiah!)
    Good for you!!
    Much Grace needed as a Mommy!


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