Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new goal and P.S. can you tell he's my baby?

Top: Maurices. Shorts: Kohls. Shoes: Payless.

"I am fat."
"My face is chubby."
" My stomach is gross."
" My thighs are huge."
Seriously, those are the thoughts that seem to encompass my thoughts lately. 
I want that to change. That NEEDS to change. 
I do not need to tear myself down, but build myself up.
I know I've written about it on my blog many times - this struggle with baby weight.
Its tough, but I try to work on it and starting NOW things will change.
I will not write about how I hate my body, I will not say it. 
Instead I will...Say I am beautiful. Because the beauty is there...
 Especially in the fact that I created a baby.
I will...listen to my husband when he tells me 
I am the most beautiful woman in the world.
I will know its the truth that God created nothing ugly and believes I am beautiful as well.
NO MORE negative posts! NO MORE negative words leaving my mouth!
I am beautiful!

I tried to link up by copying the html code and pasting. But it isn't working. Thoughts? 
Maybe its my mac. 

Can you tell that we're related? 


  1. negative self-talk get us all! ugh! I know I need to work on that too. Keep it up!

    And you and Braden are so cute! You have the same expression - love it!

  2. You are beautiful!! You are a Momma and there is nothing that is sexier than that! He is adorable!

  3. FIRST OF ALL! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL!!! Every part of you is what makes you your sons mom. Every stretch mark is a reminder of what you sacrificed for him. It takes time to get things back to where they were. SLOW & STEADY, babe!

    I was going to leave the link to my wiww but I'm leaving this link to my blog instead...

    Read all the way through. Your impressions of yourself are more than hurtful to you, they can impact your kids. Hold your head high mama!!


    PS come join my facebook community if you get the chance...lots of inspiration to love yourself.


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