Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everybody everywhere needs some sunshine and blue skies!

Yellow tank and shoes: Target. Top: Maurices. Shorts: Kohls. 

I love sunshine, I just wish it was a bit cooler outside, so I could actually enjoy it.
This is my attempt at wearing yellow, which is really sad because yellow is one of my favorite colors, however, I don't have much of it in my closet. I do have a fabulous yellow dress, but considering I just finished the 30x30 Challege, which it was apart of, I couldn't make myself put it back on!
But heres a look at the best yellow thing I own:

Dress: Charming Charlies. Belt: Wet seal.

Isn't it great? Love the color. I need to work on getting more of it!

Hope your day is full of sunshine!

P.S. Can someone tell me how I actually put this button is the post the correct way?


  1. thats an awesome yellow dress.. you should def wear it lots!

  2. I am loving that belt with the dress!

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