Sunday, July 24, 2011

The honest truth

I've written about my struggle a bit in having a relationship with Christ. Its not that I don't have a relationship with Him. I do believe in Him and I do talk to Him. I even read scripture every once in a while, but I know, in my heart that the relationship is nowhere close to where it should be. I know that things need to change. The issue though, is that I am the one that has to do the changing. How often do I place the blame elsewhere? 

The place I put the biggest blame is on time. I simply don't have the time, I say, but I have to make time.
Just like I make time for my husband, son, other family members and friends... I have to make time for Jesus. Yet, again the excuses come... I need to do this and I need to do that. The truth is though - that I NEED to spend time with Jesus. "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (John14:6)."Without spending time with Him and focusing on my relationship with Him I forget the way, I get blinded by lies and don't see the truth, and life really becomes meaningless. 
The biggest thing however, the reason I know I need to change things is because of how my life, spirit, and heart feel. I feel down. I feel stressed. I feel miserable. Life really feels like its falling apart lately. I read recently that a person's whose Bible is falling apart more than likely probably has a life that isn't falling apart. That got to my heart and I know myself...I know that reading His word is what I need to do because that is when I feel the best. That is when I feel most encouraged, when I feel less stressed, and when I'm all around more happy. Its also when I feel like life is going well.

But I still don't read even though I know that. I place more blame. I blame others by saying they aren't leading or giving me what I need. I've been convicted of that too, though. The truth is that my relationship is between me and God. I've always believed that a person's relationship with God is just between them and God. So why do I blame? Because its easy. Because it takes the pressure off of me. But its no one else's fault. Its all on me. I cannot blame my lack of relationship on anyone else.

God, I know changes need to be made. I'm so glad that You don't do guilt, but that you just nudge the heart and show me what I need to do. Help me make the changes I need to and help me to help others as well. Only You can help me.


  1. Having deep, constant fellowship with other believers who share a passion for Jesus like you is so vital to growth. If you don't have that, I believe you won't grow. It cannot just be you and Jesus. Maybe you will go through seasons where it is just you and Him. But you need other believers to come along side you, get in the middle of life, pray for you, and fellowship together.
    Church on Sunday morning is not enough. A Life Group, small group, prayer group, bible study...these are all needed, all vital to growing. Do not put the responsibility on you solely. As ONE BODY, WE DO have a responsibility to come alongside you and help you.
    I struggle with this so much...opening up, letting people in. But it's the only way Kassie. Trust is hard, but just like I was telling my sister the other night, pray for God to bring those people into your life, seek them, and they will come. He will never let you down.
    I love you and I wish we lived closer...I know I say that a lot. :P
    I am praying for you friend. Daily. I love you Sister

  2. Wow. I just posted something so similar to this! I think we need to be Bible reading partners or something...Tomorrow morning I am setting my alarm for before the kids get up (6am! YIKES!) and reading my Bible and spending time with God. Want to join me??? :0)

  3. If you're interested, I go to Bible Study Fellowship during the school year. It meets Monday from 7-9pm, but there is also a class on Wednesday mornings. The one on Wednesday has childcare/Bible study for kiddos. You're more than welcome to join me! I think it starts up again in September. :)


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