Monday, July 25, 2011


I love watching my little boy. I love watching him when he sleeps in my arms or when he's starring out the window. I am often in awe of him... that God blessed me with such a wonderful child. I cannot get over how God chose me to be his mother and him to be my child. Its such a wonderful gift. 

One of my favorite times to watch him is when he is discovering something new, whether it be

 the cat across the room
a new toy
or mom snapping pictures (oh, wait...that's not new).


  1. He is so sweet...our children are an incredible blessing. I pray you cherish each and every moment!

  2. Awwwww, little chubby babies always make me smile! I feel the same way as you do, about my own children. Sometimes I just stare at them and thank God that I am so, so blessed!

  3. oh gosh, what a precious post!
    I could just eat him up, look at those dimples.

  4. I would love my life if I got to see that little guy every day too.


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