Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something(s) new

Dress and flip flops: Old Navy.

I saw this dress about a week ago and really wanted it. I love the coral and stripes. However, it was a bit out of my price range. Thankfully a friend of mine (thanks Lauren) let me know that it was on sale. Half off! I love sales, especially when they are as good as half off! I threw clothes on this morning, without taking a shower and ran to Old Navy. I never do that (leave the house without showering, that is), so that tells ya how badly I wanted this dress. Its perfect in so many ways including how easy it is to nurse the boy in this one! 

I also got my hair cut; nothing to drastic because I don't do drastic when it comes to my hair. A bit shorter and some layers. Its different and I like it. You know what else I like? When you take your baby with you to the salon and he doesn't fuss one bit. Makes for a more enjoyable experience. 

Hope you had a good Saturday! 

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  1. very cute hair & dress! and i'm glad your little babe was easy for you at the salon :) <3


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